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The Downsides to Buying Eyeglasses Online

Have you purchased a cheap pair of glasses online and felt they just weren’t quite right?  While spending less than $100 for a complete pair of glasses is enticing, it can come with shortcomings, especially for patients with complex and high prescriptions.   Improper Sizing When you shop online for glasses, you are not able…

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When are Contact Lenses Deemed “Necessary”?

Necessary contact lenses

What Classifies Necessary Contact Lenses? Necessary contact lenses are a designation based on criteria set by a third-party payor, such as Vision Service Plan (VSP) or EyeMed Vision Care.  Each plan has different criteria for qualification. The approval process involves the practitioner’s office submitting and attesting to specific documentation after a patient’s eye exam. When…

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Upgrading Your Vision – Should I Get Contacts?

should I get contacts

If you’re currently wearing glasses and find yourself consistently wondering, “should I get contacts?” it’s probably worth considering the many advantages of today’s contact lenses. Most people love the change from spectacles when they find out that contacts are safe to wear without the risk of surgery, they often offer better vision and more freedom…

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Choosing the Best Eyeglass Frame

best eyeglass frames

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably already chosen to request an eye exam and determined that you need new glasses. But which kind should you get when you visit your local family eye care center? Not all faces are created equal, and as a result, only some types of frames will look best on your…

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The Best Contact Lenses Based on What Your Eyes are Telling You

best contact lenses

These days, contact lenses are more popular than ever. With lenses for every type of vision condition –from myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, and presbyopia — there are more products than ever out there to satisfy consumer needs. At your eye exam, your eye doctor will determine based on your vision correction needs, eye health and personal…

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