EyePrintPRO – Prosthetic Scleral Cover Shell Prescribing in San Diego

What is EyePrintPRO?

EyePrintPRO is a transparent prosthetic scleral device designed to exactly match the contours of your eye, providing the best vision and comfort possible.  It can offer the same benefits of a scleral contact lens but is customized to a greater degree.  Patients that have enjoyed scleral contact lenses but have experienced limitations with vision and/or comfort, may be candidates for EyePrintPRO.  This device is also well suited for patients with an abnormal corneal and scleral surface which would not otherwise allow success with a traditional scleral contact lens.

Who Needs EyePrintPRO?

There are several eye conditions and diseases that can benefit from the EyePrintPRO prosthetic cover shell, including: keratoconus, pellucid marginal degeneration, post-LASIK ectasia, post radial keratotomy, corneal transplantation, high myopia, high hyperopia, aphakia, neurotrophic keratitis, Sjogren’s dry eye and extreme exposure dry eye, graft vs host disease, Steven Johnson Syndrome, ocular cicatricial pemphigoid, chemical burns, limbal stem cell deficiency, pinguecula, pterygium, corneal scarring from previous eye infection or trauma, scleral patch grafts, and corneal thermal injury.

The custom EyePrintPRO medical device can restore vision, protect the ocular surface, and improve eye comfort.  This device can help even the most complicated eye conditions where other treatments have failed.

As a comprehensive clinic for patients with an irregular eye surface, ReVision Optometry evaluates and prescribes treatments for the most extreme eye conditions.  The available contact lens treatments ranging from soft disposables, conventional rigid gas permeable, piggyback, hybrid, scleral, prosthetic and impression-based scleral shells.  Your first step to knowing what is appropriate for you is scheduling an appointment with ReVision Optometry.


How does EyePrintPRO work?

Like a dental impression for braces, an impression of the eye is made by our EyePrintPRO certified practitioner, Brian Chou, OD, FAAO, FSLS. This process takes just a few minutes.  The impression is then shipped for computer scanning to create a three-dimensional software model, which in turn is used to design the cutting file for the scleral cover shell.  The lens is then manufactured using optical-grade precision lathing and delivered back to ReVision Optometry for dispensing.


What does it feel like to have the impression made, and how long does that take?

Prosthetic Scleral Cover Shell device design. Prescribing EyePrintPRO in San DiegoThe impression procedure is painless and fast.  Once the impression compound is mixed, it is applied on the eye within 45 seconds. The impression then takes between 2-5 minutes to solidify, with the exact time depending on the room temperature and humidity.  Once the impression compound has set, Dr. Chou gently removes the impression.  Aside from the practitioner pulling and tugging on the eyelids during application and removal of the impression, most patients are surprised how easy it is to have the impression.  Many describe the impression compound as feeling “dark and cool”, with some patients even finding the procedure soothing to the eye.  It may be necessary to repeat the impression-taking several times to provide a suitable impression to guide computer modeling.  Once a good impression is obtained and is sent for scanning, you can expect us to have your EyePrintPRO device ready to dispense at ReVision Optometry within three weeks.

At ReVision Optometry, every member of our team has had their own EyePrintPRO impression taken, so you can ask us what it is like!


What is the EyePrintPRO impression material made of and how precise is it for taking an impression?

The impression material is made of an ophthalmic grade polyvinyl siloxane (PVS).  PVS is also used in dentistry and audiology for taking impressions.  The PVS material has an accuracy of 1-2 microns which allows for a precise capture of the entire eye surface curvature.  Due to the accuracy of the impression, all our patients undergoing EyePrintPRO must discontinue contact lens wear in the eye needing the impression for at least 48 hours.  Hybrid contact lens patients must discontinue lens wear for 7 days.  Insufficient time discontinuing contact lens wear can adversely lead to the EyePrintPRO device not patterning your eye well.  In situations where an impression is to be taken in both eyes but it is not practical to discontinue lens wear in both eyes at the same time, impressions will be scheduled for each eye on separate days.  Patients seeking an evaluation for whether EyePrintPRO is appropriate for them should come to their initial appointment wearing their habitual contact lenses since the impression is taken on a separate day.


How much does EyePrintPRO cost and why?

Close-up of Prosthetic Scleral cover shell. Get an EyePrintPRO prescription in San Diego.For eligible candidates, the impression of the ocular surface, shipping of the impression for computer scanning and fabrication, all related prescribing services for 6 months, and a standard EyePrintPRO scleral device, costs less than $4,000 altogether for each eye.  The exact cost depends on the necessary optics needed to bring forth a desirable outcome.  As a specialized treatment, we do not bill medical insurance or vision plans for EyePrintPRO due to the low prospects of obtaining meaningful reimbursement and the significant time burden on our staff.  Patients are responsible for full payment at the time of service.  This device and prescribing are eligible expenses for a flexible spending account (FSA) or health savings account (HSA).

The fabrication of the prosthetic cover shell uses a half a million-dollar computer-controlled diamond turning lathe. The lathing time is approximately 30 minutes, or about ten times longer than what is required for manufacturing a traditional scleral contact lens. In other words, the fabrication of EyePrintPRO consumes diamonds in the process. The upkeep of the fabrication equipment is correspondingly about ten times greater as well. Unlike other technology-based software which models thousands of measurement points, the EyePrintPRO software models over six million measurement points to produce an unparalleled level of customization in designing its scleral device.  An exact EyePrintPRO device made to your eye can save you the cost of countless hours spent in other clinics, wearing multiple failed contact lenses, and the general frustration of an inadequate outcome.


How large is the EyePrintPRO scleral device and what is it made of?

EyePrintPRO prosthetic scleral cover shellThe diameter of EyePrintPRO depends on the impression taken of each eye, but it is usually close to 18.00 mm in diameter which is on par with commercially available scleral lenses.  By comparison, a penny is 19.05 mm in diameter and soft contact lenses are about 14.20 mm in diameter.  The EyePrintPRO device is made with a highly oxygen permeable material, Optimum Extra, which is used in other gas permeable contact lenses.  The EyePrintPRO device is also treated with a surface coating called Tangible Hydra-PEG for high wetting, lubricity, and deposit resistance which altogether translate into lasting comfort and good vision.


How frequently are EyePrintPRO lenses replaced?

Patients wearing EyePrintPRO should be prepared to purchase a replacement scleral device each year, although EyePrintPRO may be suitable to wear for up to several years depending on how well the device is cared for along with your individual tear chemistry.  During your subsequent annual examinations, any appropriate changes to the medical device prescription are evaluated for; often it is not necessary to obtain a new impression, thereby saving you costs in subsequent years.