Keratoconus Specialist in San Diego?

Keratoconus Specialist in San Diego?

by Brian Chou, OD, FAAO, FSLS

February 14, 2024

Did you know that no law-abiding optometrist in San Diego – or anywhere else in California – will claim that they are a “keratoconus specialist”? This is because optometrists licensed in California are prohibited from holding themselves out as having special knowledge of optometry. The Business and Professions Code Section 3100, states that:

  • The holding out as having a special knowledge of optometry, as defined in this chapter, by the holder of a license, constitutes a cause to revoke or suspend his or her license.

Furthermore, Section 3099, states that:

  • No optometrist shall advertise or otherwise hold himself or herself out to be a specialist in eye disease and the treatment thereof.

Keratoconus is an eye disease where vision is restored with custom medical contact lenses. This means that any optometrist in California claiming to be a “keratoconus specialist” is violating regulations enforceable by the California State Board of Optometry. The Board is tasked to protect the health and safety of consumers in California, and if alerted to potential noncompliance, will investigate, and enforce disciplinary measures which can include fines and license revocation.

Factual and Secondhand Descriptions

There is no universally accepted measure of what constitutes a “keratoconus specialist”. For this reason, even outside of California, it is potentially problematic for an optometrist to back-up such a designation. However, California optometrists can disclose facts that clue you in that they are suited to serve keratoconus patients. For example, ReVision Optometry in San Diego, is a referral center where other optometrists and ophthalmologists send their keratoconus patients for specialized contact lens treatment. Most of the practice operations at ReVision Optometry revolve around keratoconus. Additionally, several industry publications about keratoconus have originated from ReVision Optometry.

It also seems as though consumers and third parties can claim that a California optometrist is a “keratoconus specialist”, without the same regulatory consequences as if an optometrist anoints himself or herself as a “keratoconus specialist”.

Finding a Keratoconus Practitioner

Since scleral contact lenses are now the mainstay for restoring vision in keratoconus, a good place to begin your search is at the Scleral Lens Education Society where listed prescribers have demonstrated an elevated level of understanding of scleral lenses. The National Keratoconus Center also has compiled a list of keratoconus eye doctors. Finally, ask your existing eye doctor for a recommendation for one of their colleagues with experience in routinely managing keratoconus.


ReVision Optometry is a referral-based practice in San Diego providing contact lens services for patients with keratoconus. To schedule an appointment, request your appointment online, or call our office at 619.299.6064.