Birth Control Glasses, According to ChatGPT

Birth Control Glasses, According to ChatGPT

by Brian Chou, OD, FAAO, FSLS

  • March 15, 2023

Ever hear of “birth control glasses”? Instead of asking Google what they are, today you might use the AI-powered ChatGPT bot. However, the result from ChatGPT is glaringly incorrect but admittedly quite humorous.

The AI Chatbot’s Hilarious Response

“Birth control glasses, also known as contraceptive eyewear, block UV rays to prevent hormonal responses that regulate the menstrual cycle, effectively preventing pregnancy. They are non-hormonal and easy to use, but require consistent and correct use to be effective. Birth control glasses do not protect against STIs and may not be suitable for everyone. Consult your healthcare provider to determine if birth control glasses are right for you.”

Birth Control Glasses: The Truth

Since 1990, the military has issued eyeglass frames to its personnel and recruits needing prescription eyeglasses. These standard issue S9 eyeglass frames are humorously called “birth control glasses” or BCGs for short. The name endearingly refers to the sentiment that the S9 eyeglass frames were so ugly that anyone wearing would ward off potential suitors. While the S9 frames are no longer produced as the military has updated the style of their standard issue military frames, today there are hipsters and nostalgic veterans seeking them out on eBay and thrift shops.

Beware of AI-Generated Information

ChatGPT is an AI-powered chat bot that creates natural sounding prose. Think of it as an extension of “autocomplete” where you start typing but software predicts and completes it. While the resulting generated information by ChatGPT is often good, there is increasing attention to how ChatGPT can generate misinformation.

The discrepancy between ChatGPT’s generated misinformation and the truth foreshadows an information ecosystem that will increasingly become polluted with legitimate sounding but bad information.


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