Why ReVision Optometry?

ReVision Optometry is an independent private practice attuned to the changing landscape of eye care delivery. It is the first San Diego optometric clinic built from the ground up to serve the medically-necessary contact lens needs of patients with keratoconus and after corneal transplantation. These complex cases are referred to us by other eye doctors for novel, non-surgical vision rehabilitation.

Reaching desirable outcomes through non-elective contact lens treatment require expertise, technological investment, and personalized service. These specialized operations subsidize our ability to deliver exceptional care with the latest technology for all our patients, including those with everyday eye care needs. It also preserves fair pricing across our portfolio of ophthalmic goods.

Patients of ReVision Optometry seek a relationship-based and quality-driven experience for themselves and their families. Thank you for supporting ReVision Optometry’s stand against the “fast food” eye care experience.

Choose ReVision Optometry in Mission Valley for glasses, contacts and specialty vision care.
Revision Optometry specialty eye care San Diego
Female patient trying on women's prescription eye wear in San Diego