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What’s the Deal About Steph Curry Having Keratoconus?

An Eye Doctor Weighs In April 17th, 2019 Regarded by many sports commentators and basketball players as the greatest shooter in NBA history, Steph Curry recently disclosed that he has the eye disease, keratoconus. This disease, which affects about 1 in 375 individuals, can dramatically impair vision. It is characterized by abnormal distortion of the…

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4 Common Symptoms of Keratoconus to Watch Out For

symptoms of Keratoconus

Light passes into the eye through the cornea, the eye’s transparent tissue in front. The shape of the cornea is like a dome, however, in rare cases, it bulges forward like a cone.  As a result, the distorted cornea does not adequately focus light, even with glasses and traditional soft contact lenses. This medical disease…

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