The Downsides to Buying Eyeglasses Online

Have you purchased a cheap pair of glasses online and felt they just weren’t quite right?  While spending less than $100 for a complete pair of glasses is enticing, it can come with shortcomings, especially for patients with complex and high prescriptions.


Improper Sizing

When you shop online for glasses, you are not able to physically try the frames on for proper fit.  You also won’t have a professional there to take the necessary measurements. There are several measurements needed to ensure optimal vision out of your glasses. The main ones are pupillary distance or “PD”, optical centers, and segment height.  Although online vendors often have a ruler to take your own measurements, an inaccurate and inexperienced measurement can undermine the benefits of an updated prescription. Your optician will measure an accurate monocular PD where each eye is considered individually, whereas most online companies only accept a binocular PD.  A monocular PD is important because the majority of people are not perfectly symmetrical, and their eyes are not equidistant from the center of their bridge, so using a binocular PD measurement can throw off the patient’s focal point, creating lens distortions and eyestrain. This effect increases for patients with high lens prescriptions for all of the optical measurements to fill your prescription.



Unpersonalized Service

When you purchase eyewear at your optometrist’s office, you may, in fact, pay more out of pocket, but in exchange for it receive personalized service so that your eyewear is best suited for you and provides enduring benefits.  Your optician can professionally assess your prescription and by understanding your lifestyle, give you specific recommendations for lens materials and treatments for the most comfortable vision.  A qualified optician can ensure that the frame you select complements your face shape and fashion style, and check for details such as proper bridge fit and temple length. Most importantly, your optician guides you on which frame will work best with your prescription, to minimize lens thickness and weight, and take the necessary measurements for optimized vision and comfort.

It is understandable how buying online glasses may seem convenient and appealing.  However, most optometric practices have a product to fit any budget and can offer greater value when considering you are receiving service from a professional ensuring that you experience the maximal benefit of your optometrist’s prescription.  It is advantageous and desirable to fill your prescription where it was created since you’ll get valuable consultative help and ongoing support.

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