Choosing the Best Eyeglass Frame

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably already chosen to request an eye exam and determined that you need new glasses. But which kind should you get when you visit your local family eye care center? Not all faces are created equal, and as a result, only some types of frames will look best on your face.

Sure, any glass frame gets the job done regarding the improvement of your vision. However, you want a frame that complements your features and makes your glasses look right at home on your face. That’s why choosing the best eyeglass frames for you is essential.

To get the best glasses that also complement your facial features, let’s look at the different kinds of faces and what frames work the best with them. You can get a pair that fits you perfectly even if you’re wondering, “How much do glasses cost?” These guidelines will apply whether you’re looking for the best reading glasses or an everyday pair.


Types of Faces

There are 6 main facial types:

  • Base-Down Triangle (a narrow forehead that extends down into a wide chin.)
  • Base-Up Triangle/Heart (a wide forehead ends at a narrow chin.)
  • Oblong
  • Square
  • Oval
  • Round

best eyeglass frames

1. Round Faces

If you have a round face the best eyeglass frames for you are rectangular frames. They will lengthen out the roundness of your face. Do not use round frames, try a clear bridge on square frames to widen your eyes.

2. Oval Faces

If you have an oval face, you’re free to wear any frame you want. Just make sure they are as wide as the broadest part of your face is, so they remain balanced.

3. Square Faces

Circular, oval, and aviator shaped frames are your friend if you have a square face. Look for rims that are wider than they are deep to lengthen your face.

4. Oblong Faces

If your face is oblong the best eyeglass frames for you are triangular, deep-rectangular, or circular frames. Make sure to pick frames that are taller than they are wide.

5. Base-Up Heart/Triangle Faces

Circular and geometric frames are your best bet here. Try finding a frame that has a wider bottom than it does a top, or rimless frames in a light color.

6. Base-Down Triangle Faces

The base-down triangle face shapes best complement cat-eye frames, as well as circular and geometric frames. If you have this face type, the best eyeglass frames are going to be ones that have more full tops than they do bottoms. Colored frames that are either semi-rimless or have detail on the brow line are also important to look for with this face type.


Don’t Forget

Choosing the best eyeglass frames isn’t always a matter of what you like best. Your face shape looks much better with certain types of frames, but not others. Getting glasses can be scary at first but choosing the right frames for your face will give you complete confidence that your glasses look totally normal and right at home on your face.

You’ll also need the expertise of a skilled optician to confirm that your selected frame will work for your particular prescription.  Certain eyeglass shapes can create unnecessary lens thickness and weight for specific prescriptions. As another example, certain eyeglass frames are too short in height for those needing “no-line” progressive lenses.

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