Artistic Light Fixtures at ReVision Optometry

Artistic Light Fixtures at ReVision Optometry

by Brian Chou, OD, FAAO, FSLS

  • August 12, 2021

The collection of artistic lanterns gracing the ceiling at ReVision Optometry in San Diego are the beautiful handiwork of local artists, William Leslie, and his wife, Alessandra Colfi, PhD.  They are pleasantly mystical, mesmerizing, and whimsical.

Acclaim for LightSculptures

Leslie created his first LightSculpture, as they are called, in 1976. Since then, LightSculptures have earned international acclaim, appearing in Architectural Digest, Home and Garden Television, Robb Report, on stage at the American Music Awards, and in the film Star Trek: Generations.

In addition to creating a calming and contemplative environment at ReVision Optometry, our collection underscores the melding of art and science in providing optometric care.  They also provide an exceptional backdrop for our patients needing medically needed scleral lenses to note the profound improvement in vision from these prescribing services.

In San Diego, LightSculptures have found their way into residences, restaurants, hospitals, businesses, and religious institutions.  You can check out a permanent installation of LightSculptures, “Under Europa Sea”, at Encinitas Library, which is a complement to the LightSculptures on entry to ReVision Optometry.  Together, these pieces were the original ensemble previously displayed at San Diego International Airport and then the Oceanside Museum of Art.

According to Leslie, “Our work reflects a fascination with how nature moves on graceful paths or organizes itself in flowing patterns.  Why human consciousness contemplates this with joy is a delicious mystery to us.  Our task is to express and illuminate in ever more novel ways the swirl of texture in marble or wood grain, the evolving folds in flowers or seashells, the fluid patterns left on a sea-swept sand.  I strive to create beautiful forms that will invite people out of their mental busyness to see the timelessness in passing time.  Human life, too, is a whirling dance of patterns within patterns.”

The LightSculpture Artists

Alessandra Colfi, PhD, and William Leslie, next to one of their LightSculptures on display until September 5, 2021, and PHES Gallery in Carlsbad.

William Leslie teaches philosophy at Palomar College.  Alessandra Colfi holds a doctorate degree in Expressive Arts Therapy and actively is an eclectic mixed-media artist, an Expressive Arts Therapist, and teaches yoga and Zumba.  Together, they are the creative force behind LightSculptures.

I first saw their artwork at Lindberg Field in 2012 when returning from a business trip.  Their LightSculptures enthralled me, and I knew I had to meet the artists.  I reached out to them and have had the privilege of getting to know both of them.

LightSculpture Anatomy

The frame of each LightSculpture is constructed with luan and reed wood, with overlying layers of tissue paper and polyvinyl resin.  They are internally illuminated by LEDs.  According to Colfi, each piece can take 30 to 40 hours of work to complete, going from inspiration to final artform.

When you visit ReVision Optometry, please enjoy our LightSculptures!


Visit Paper Sun Lightsculpture to learn more about the beautiful artwork of William Leslie and Alessandra Colfi, PhD.  Until September 5, 2021, you can visit an exhibition in Carlsbad Village at PHES Gallery, displaying some of their latest LightSculpture creations.  ReVision Optometry in San Diego is a referral-based practice serving the needs of those with keratoconus and other complex eye conditions requiring medically necessary contact lenses to restore vision.

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