ReVision Optometry Product Warranty

Thank you choosing ReVision Optometry for your eye care and related products. We recognize that in today’s marketplace, you have many choices for filling your eyeglass and contact lens prescriptions. ReVision Optometry aspires to provide you with high quality products at reasonable pricing, so you can enjoy the convenience and accountability of having a single location do it all.

It is important to us that you are pleased with your purchase from ReVision Optometry. With any ophthalmic treatment there is variable response from one patient to another. In the unexpected event you have difficulty with your eyeglasses or contact lenses purchased from ReVision Optometry, we want you to know that our team is committed to make things right the best we can. Please let us know if we can be of help!

Prescription Eyeglass Lenses

All prescriptive lenses, especially progressive and bifocal lenses, require some expected time for adjustment. It is common to initially feel that objects appear bowed or curved, or to experience a feeling of motion when turning your head. These symptoms are usually minor and go away, but in the unusual circumstance you are unable to adjust to your new glasses even after two weeks of regular wear, please let us know. If necessary, our office will remake new lenses (of equal or lesser value) at no charge within 60 days from the order date (one-time only). In the rare event that more than one remake is needed you will be responsible for 50% the usual and customary cost of the lenses. Since eyeglass lenses are a custom prescriptive item, there are no refunds for lenses that are canceled once lab work is started. Your prescriptive lenses are warranted against manufacturer defects for 365 days from the order date. If you purchased a scratch resistant lens treatment, your lenses are warranted against significant scratches for a period of 365 days from the date of purchase. If your lenses become significantly scratched due to normal wear and tear, we will gladly replace them at no additional cost (one-time only). Any damage due to abuse or neglect voids the warranty.

Anti-Reflective Treatment

Our anti-reflective lens treatments are warranted against defects and significant scratches for 365 days from the order date. Within this period, if the anti-reflective treatment fails or becomes significantly scratched due to normal use and wear, we will gladly provide replacement lenses in the same prescription with a new anti-reflective treatment, free of charge (one-time only).

Eyeglass Frames (this warranty excludes clearance and value eyewear)

Your new frame is warranted against manufacturer defects for 365 days from the order date. If your eyewear should fail during normal use and wear, due to defect of faulty materials, we will gladly repair them, or if necessary, replace them free of charge (one-time only). If we are unable to acquire the same frame or replacement parts due to manufacturer discontinuation, we will supply an equivalently priced frame from the same manufacturer to replace the defective frame. This warranty does not apply to lost or stolen glasses, nor damage from neglect or abuse.

Disposable Soft Contact Lenses

For the best value and convenience, we recommend ordering an annual supply of contact lenses through our office. Doing so entitles you to complimentary direct shipping to your doorstep, emergency & defective lens replacement, and any available quantity savings and manufacturer rebates.

Upon receiving soft contact lenses ordered from our office, please verify the boxes are correct before marking or opening them. We can only accept returns for credit within 60 days of ordering if the contact lens boxes are not marked, opened, or expired. UPC labels must be intact for returns.

Custom Contact Lenses: Rigid Gas Permeable (RGP), SynergEyes Hybrid, CRT and Scleral Lenses

If for some reason you are unable to wear your final specialty contact lenses, you may receive a full credit within 60 days of the initial lens order for any out-of-pocket material costs. The cost of professional services rendered is not refundable. Your new contact lenses are warranted against manufacturer defects for 60 days from the order date. This warranty does not apply to lost or stolen contact lenses, nor damage from neglect or abuse.