Prosthetic Contact Lenses San Diego

Prosthetic Contact Lens for Corneal Scar

Prosthetic Contact Lens Improves Appearance of Disfigured Eye

Prosthetic contact lenses can significantly improve the cosmetic appearance of a disfigured or scarred eye, whether from previous trauma or serious eye infection. They can also improve vision in situations where the pupil is abnormally shaped -- whether due to trauma, disease, or surgical mishap -- by blocking glare and recreating a round pupil. An examination with our doctor can determine the likelihood of a desirable outcome with a prosthetic contact lens.

In some cases, it’s possible to obtain a satisfactory result just with disposable cosmetic contact lenses. In other situations, if the eye shape will not provide on-eye stability of the prosthetic contact lens, you will be referred for what’s called a prosthetic scleral shell. If your eye has been removed (enucleated), you will also be directed elsewhere for a custom ocular prosthesis. Many patients with disfigured or scarred eyes however can benefit from custom prescribed prosthetic contact lenses.

A prosthetic contact lens can also be prescribed with a decentered print to improve the cosmetic appearance for an eye turn.

Prosthetic Contact Lens for Eye Turn

Prosthetic Contact Lens for Eye Turn or Strabismus

Our comprehensive eye exam can determine if a prosthetic contact lens is right for you.  If so, we'll review what to expect, including likely outcome and out-of-pocket cost.