Contact Lens Eye Exams in San Diego

contact lens storage container

Contact lenses are a convenient, easy alternative to glasses. What some may not know is that patients don’t always use contact lenses as their main form of vision correction. Each patient’s vision needs and lifestyles are unique, with different patients wearing contacts for different occasions or settings. This demonstrates the amazing versatility of contact lenses, offering patients the ability to flexibly control their vision correction care.

If you decide that contact lens wear is right for you, our chief concern is that the lenses fit comfortably and are customized to your eyes. A contact lens examination includes several components: a comprehensive eye exam to diagnose overall vision health, creation of an individualized prescription, as well as a final consultation and measurement to determine fit for maximum eye comfort.

Why you Need a Comprehensive Eye Exam

Regular eye examinations are extremely important to assure continued eye health as well as diagnosis and prevention of any developing illnesses. Our comprehensive eye exams involve a professional exam of overall vision quality and health, as well as a determination of your prescription and a check up on the formation of any eye health issues.